Aged care

    In all levels of care at Ryman villages we strive for the same goal - “it has to be good enough for mum”. Therefore, our aged care centres provide excellence in care that is second to none.

    Care centres are staffed 24 hours by registered nurses and are backed by a team of caregivers. Care is overseen by the clinical manager and registered nurses and residents benefit from staff ratios that are amongst the highest in the sector.

    Private rooms are spacious and there are a selection of room layouts, so you can choose which one is the right fit for you. You will also enjoy a private ensuite, television, a built-in wardrobe, dresser, two lounge chairs and a coffee table. What’s important is that it is your own personal space, providing the scope to personalise it with your own furnishings and belongings.

    It all combines to create a haven for you to relax in, with views that overlook beautifully landscaped gardens and courtyards. There is plenty of space to welcome visitors and many rooms feature an alcove that can accommodate a display cabinet, storage or a small fridge.

    Our staff work tirelessly to ensure your comfort and happiness and should your needs change, you have priority access to other levels of care - right there in the village.

    Care plans customised for you

    Upon arrival at our aged care centre, our priority is to develop a plan of care in conjunction with you and your family. This will take into consideration all the little details that are unique to each resident, right down to how you like your cup of tea.

    To complement this, we implement primary nursing groups. This means that registered nurses and staff are allocated to certain groups of residents – meaning residents are regularly cared for by the same staff they have spent time building a relationship with. Thus, building trust and feeling genuinely connected.

    Aged care

    A fresh and delicious approach to food

    In 2017, we launched our Ryman Delicious menus. Our aim was to shake up our approach to food and how it is delivered. To achieve this, we literally went back to the drawing board to survey what our residents’ preferences were.

    In listening to our residents, we could capture the essence of what is really important to them. Cravings for old favourites are satisfied by providing the comfort of the classics, but we keep it ‘fresh’ with innovative choices. Think roast chicken alongside slow-cooked pork and coconut curry.

    Fresh is the name of the game – meals prepared on-site using fresh seasonal produce. The aim of Ryman Delicious is to create meals with an abundance of flavour and presentation that is a feast for the eyes. Not to mention we offer a choice of three meals at lunchtime, which includes a vegetarian option.

    For many of our residents, coming together for a meal is a highlight. At Ryman, we aim to provide an experience to remember and an opportunity to connect.

    Check out the deliciousness for yourself in our extensive Delicious menus.

    Resort-style facilities

    We have designed our villages with a little bit of luxury in mind, so it’s not uncommon for residents to tell us they feel like they’re on a cruise ship – and quite rightly so.

    Resort-style facilities include a hair and beauty salon, movie theatre, shop and a reflection room where we have regular church services. Residents enjoy relaxing in tranquil open plan lounges and indulging in Ryman Delicious meals in the dining areas.

    Our villages also have beautifully landscaped gardens.

    It’s about finally having the time, and now the facilities, to enjoy the things that you love.

    Beauty therapy

    Beauty Therapy

    Dining Room

    Dining room

    Hair Salon

    Hair salon

    Indoor Bowls

    Indoor bowls



    Movie Theatre

    Movie theatre

    Reflection Room

    Reflection room

    Separate Lounge




    Village Centre

    Village centre

    Visitors Room

    Visitors room

    Engage: activities and lifestyle programme

    Ryman Engage

    For aged care residents, stimulation and social interaction are essential. Therefore, we have created activities that inspire movement such as active games like quoits and indoor bowls. The aim is to create a sense of purpose and to showcase talents. What is most important however, is having fun and getting involved.

    The key is to provide something for everyone. You will find choices like puzzles for intellectual stimulation, arts and crafts for creativity and outings on the village bus to provide social engagement.

    Even simply taking advantage of what the village has to offer is engaging – strolls in the beautifully landscaped gardens or entertaining friends and family in the village lounge and private courtyards.

    Award-winning Triple A exercise programme

    Triple A Care

    The complimentary Ryman Triple A exercise programme was introduced to encourage residents to feel better, improve their strength and mobility, and reduce the risk of falls. Simply because aged care residents may not demonstrate the same active prowess that they once did, does not mean exercise and movement are no longer a necessity. In fact, you could argue it is even more important.

    Triple A founder Nicki Brown developed the programme around the belief, “you are never too old to exercise – you’ve just got to choose the right way to do it.” Therefore, the level of participation is up to the individual, you can be as involved as you want to be.

    The social aspect is also a large advantage, where residents come together with a sense of purpose and more often than not, having a good laugh and getting to know each other better in the process.

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