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Ryman Healthcare COVID-19 Update 18 November 2021

Written by Ryman Healthcare
on November 19, 2021

Resident update - Thursday 18 November

Dear residents and family members,

Today, Victorian Premier Dan Andrews announced a wholesale lifting of COVID-19 restrictions for fully vaccinated people in the state. 

The changes, which come into effect at 11.59pm today, are being made because Victoria is about to hit a key milestone: 90 per cent of eligible people will be fully vaccinated. 

The key changes you need to be aware of are:

  • There will no longer be limits on home visits or on the size of public gatherings.
  • All density limits and caps for businesses will be lifted for fully vaccinated people. 
  • Venues you can only attend if you are fully vaccinated include: Non-essential retail stores (e.g. book, clothes, jewellery), personal services (e.g. hairdressers), community premises (e.g. the village centre), sporting and recreation facilities (e.g. the gym), food and drink venues (e.g. the café), events, entertainment and tourism venues (e.g. the cinema).
  • Masks will only be required indoors in limited settings such as retail, health care, aged care and justice facilities, and on public transport (including taxis and rideshare services). Due to the high risk in the community currently, we ask that masks are still worn when indoors in the village for now. 
  • The number of visitors someone in the care centre can receive will remain at five per day, including dependents.
  • There will be no limits on travel. People are free to leave Victoria for any reason, but permits will be needed for anyone returning to the state.
  • Density limits (one person per 4sqm up to 50 people) and mask restrictions will remain in place for weddings, funerals and places of worship if vaccine status is not being checked. 
  • All indoor and outdoor events with fewer than 30,000 fully vaccinated attendees can go ahead without restrictions. Outdoor events with more than 30,000 attendees must have a COVIDSafe plan. 

There will also be significant changes to quarantine rules, also coming into effect at 11.59pm. They include:

  • Positive cases will now have to isolate for 10 days, not 14 days.
  • There will no longer be contact tracing of positive cases and exposure sites will no longer be published.
  • Household close contacts will have to isolate for seven days if fully vaccinated and 14 days if not vaccinated. 

If you have any queries about how the changes in COVID-19 restrictions apply at the village, please don’t hesitate to contact reception.

Stay safe,

Paul Sutton
Victorian Operations Manager

COVID-19 symptoms
We know you’ve probably seen this before, but a reminder that the symptoms to watch out for include:
• a cough
• a high temperature (at least 37.5˚C)
• shortness of breath
• a sore throat
• sneezing and runny nose
• temporary loss of smell
• conjunctivitis

For queries contact 1800 288 299 or email residentsupport@rymanhealthcare.com

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