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Ryman Healthcare COVID-19 update 11 September

Written by Ryman Healthcare
on September 11, 2020

Welcome to another Friday update on what’s been happening behind the scenes in our ongoing fight to keep COVID-19 out of our villages, and your loved one as safe and happy as possible.

I’ve received so much supportive feedback from family members about what we’re doing to protect our residents from the virus, and that means so much to our village team.

It was also incredibly encouraging for us to receive extremely positive feedback on our COVID-19 plans and processes from government auditors who visited Weary Dunlop last week.

I want you to know, though, that we’re not resting on our laurels.

Having good plans on paper is one thing; making sure they work in practice is quite another.

That’s why this week our care teams have been running a series of live COVID-19 drills covering a range of different outbreak scenarios.

The teams have been presented with specific scenarios – covering different sources of infection in different parts of the village at different times of the day – and tasked with implementing our emergency response plans.

It’s been an extremely worthwhile exercise.

We have uncovered issues we hadn’t considered, found small gaps in our plans we’re now able to fill, and have given all our team members the knowledge and confidence to respond to a real outbreak if one occurs.

With the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Melbourne continuing to fall, we’re hopeful an outbreak is something we’ll never have to deal with.

But if we do, we feel ready – now more than ever.

I hope you have a restful weekend and I look forward to updating you again soon.

Stay safe,

Paul Sutton

Victorian Operations Manager

For queries contact 1800 288 299 or email residentsupport@rymanhealthcare.com

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