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Ryman Healthcare COVID-19 update 25 September 2020

Written by Ryman Healthcare
on September 25, 2020

Welcome to our Friday update on what we are doing to ensure our villages are safe havens.

I’ve told you a lot about the practical, people-focused steps we’ve taken in our fight against COVID-19. This week, I want to let you know how we’re using technology to act as a digital protection barrier around your loved one.

Technology has proven to be crucial both to keep you in contact with one another, but also to detect possible health risks.

Thermal body temperature cameras have been installed at the entrances to both villages, which enables fast and continuous screening of individuals. The camera eliminates the need to use handheld thermometers which make physical distancing difficult.

We have also created a digital version of the COVID-19 screening tool developed by ‘Safer Care Victoria’. This has been integrated into our myRyman digital care system and includes automatic notifications of any suspected COVID-19 case.

We’ve given GPs access (including remote access) to our myRyman system so they can see residents’ medical information, complete notes and carry out telehealth video consultations.

Our ‘myRyman’ system also provides a real-time report of all close contacts with residents.

This is so important because if we do have a confirmed case of COVID-19, close contacts can be immediately identified and the risk of the infection spreading can be contained.

It also means only team members who have been identified as close contacts will need to be stood down, so we have enough staff to continue caring for residents.
We know this battle is by no means over, but we have been buoyed by the continual drop in cases in Victoria, and we hope you have been too.

I want to thank you for the huge sacrifices you continue to make to keep yourselves, your family and our staff safe.

Stay safe,

Paul Sutton

Victorian Operations Manager

For queries contact 1800 288 299 or email residentsupport@rymanhealthcare.com

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