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When they’re not on their bikes, you’re likely to find Cindy and Del planning their next epic cycling adventure. Or playing bowls. Or creating charcoal art. Or learning to dance. These two always have something going on. Start talking to them, and you’ll quickly learn that they’re fulfilling their motto of “do it while you can”. A philosophy that saw them move into a Ryman village several years ago so they could take advantage of all that was on offer.
Cindy and Del love living in a Ryman village apartment. It makes it easy for them to throw themselves into all the things they enjoy – especially cycling.
Cindy and Del have been passionate about cycling for the last 10 years. In that time, they’ve embarked on some extraordinary adventures. One of their most challenging trips was an unassisted circumnavigation of Australia that involved thousands upon thousands of kilometres on their bikes, towing small trailers with everything they needed to survive - food, water, tent, and clothes.
Their bike trips often see them away from home for long periods of time. But as Del explains, they can simply lock and leave., “A big thing about the apartment is, we just close the door and come back a couple of months later, and it's just the same. We don't have to worry about security. We don't have to worry about maintenance or gardens. It's all done.”
Cindy adds that before moving, “we did feel a little bit nervous about leaving the house, but not here - not at Ryman. We just come and go as we please, and we know that the place is safe and secure”.
Security and maintenance are just some of the features that help put Cindy and Del’s minds at ease. Another is having care facilities available should they ever need them down the road.
Some health problems in the past few years highlighted to the couple that care was something they needed to think about. “We feel as fit as fiddles, but we're not going to be that for the rest of our lives. At some stage, we're going to need these various stages of care. So we thought, well, why not do it while we're still fit and able to settle into the village? And it was the right move.”

"Whether we're away for a couple of days or a couple of months, we can come home knowing our home is safe and secure."



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