Serviced apartment living

    Serviced apartments are a fantastic option that allow residents to maintain their independence, while having a little extra help if they need it. Like so many things in life, it’s about balancing your options to keep life running smoothly.

    Having the privacy of your own home provides the ability to make an apartment ‘your own’ by displaying your furniture and decorating to your own taste. Your kitchenette provides everything at your fingertips, and the separate bedroom and private ensuite complete the luxurious set up.

    Services include a delicious home cooked midday meal, housekeeping, morning and afternoon tea with more services available depending on your needs.

    Many residents say that serviced apartment living has taken the stress away and given them renewed confidence. Peace of mind comes from knowing that the emergency call bell system is at the touch of a button, and that the village provides low care, high care and dementia care. Meaning that if your circumstances change, your level of care evolves with you - right there in the village.

    Assisted living package

    Serviced apartments come with an assisted living package designed to provide you with a helping hand, so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

    Some examples of services included in the assisted living package:

    • A delicious midday meal enjoyed in the dining room
    • Housekeeping, bed linens changed weekly and fresh towels daily to make life more luxurious
    • Rates, maintenance, insurance, electricity and water costs are all included, dramatically reducing daily responsibilities
    • Triple A exercise programme keeps you on the move if you wish
    • Get out and about with regular outings and shopping trips in the village van

    Additional services can be added, meaning you can customise options to make life easier for you!

    Some examples include…

    • Breakfast brought to your room
    • Showering supervision and administering medication
    • An evening meal enjoyed in the dining room
    • Your bed made daily
    • Personal laundry service

    To see the full range of services and packages available, please view the services book.

    Peace of Mind

    The Ryman Peace of Mind Guarantees

    The Ryman Peace of Mind Guarantees are available exclusively to Ryman retirement village residents.

    POM_fixedfee_icon1 – Fixed Weekly Fee*

    We know how important it is to you to have certainty regarding your living costs.

    “We guarantee that we will never increase your base weekly fee for the entire time you occupy your apartment at the village; regardless of any changes to the operating costs at the village. Your base weekly fees are permanently fixed for you.”

    POM_continuumcare_icon2 – Continuum of Care

    This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that if the need arises you can remain living within the village community, and in close contact with your spouse or friends in the village.

    “We guarantee that you will be granted priority access to the aged care facility within the village, or to another Ryman care facility if you so choose.”

    POM_feesstop_icon3 – Fees Stop Immediately

    You will also want to know that you do not continue to carry the cost of outgoings when you leave your apartment. We see it as our responsibility (not yours) to carry the cost of outgoings once you have left your apartment and we are in the process of on-selling your apartment. This gives us an incentive to on-sell your apartment quickly.

    “We guarantee that the weekly fee and deferred management fees will cease on the day you permanently vacate your apartment.”

    POM_repayment_icon4 – Repayment Promise

    It is standard practice for retirement villages to repay your capital sum when the apartment has been on-sold. However you will want an assurance that in the event the on-sale is delayed for some reason you will be repaid.

    “We guarantee that if the new resident has not settled within six months of you vacating your apartment, then we will repay you the balance immediately.”

    POM_dmf_icon5 – 20% Deferred Management Fee

    The deferred management fee is your contribution to the refurbishment and management of the village. It is charged on an “enjoy now, pay later” basis, and is deducted when your capital sum is repaid to you.

    In the event that you wish to transfer to a serviced apartment, or to another Ryman village, you will want to be assured that your deferred management fees will be no more than 20% overall.

    “We guarantee that our deferred management fee will be capped at a maximum of 20% of the capital sum – even if you transfer to another apartment within the village, or even if you transfer to another Ryman village.”

    POM_nohiddencosts_icon6 – No Hidden Costs

    You will want to know that there are no hidden costs when you move into a retirement village, or when you leave your apartment.

    We accept total responsibility for undertaking the refurbishing, marketing and on-sale of your apartment. These costs are covered by the deferred management fee.

    “We guarantee not to charge for any sales, administration, marketing or refurbishment (except where there is more than fair wear and tear to your apartment) when we on-sell your apartment.”

    POM_nocapitalloss_icon7 – No Capital Loss

    It will be important to you and your family that you have certainty regarding the amount you are repaid when you leave the village, and that you are not exposed to any capital loss when the apartment is on-sold.

    “We guarantee that the amount repaid to you will not be affected by a decline in the value of the apartment.”

    POM_changingmind_icon8 – Changing your Mind

    Buying your new home in a retirement village is an important decision, and we want you to be confident you have made the right choice in selecting a Ryman village.

    “We guarantee that if you change your mind within 21 days of signing your application form, or three working days of signing the residence agreement, then we will agree to cancel the agreement and refund your deposit in full.”

    POM_90day_icon9 – 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

    We’re so confident you’ll be happy with your decision to move to one of our villages, we will provide you with a “90 Day Money Back Guarantee”.

    “We guarantee that if you are unhappy with your decision to move into your apartment, on the expiry of 90 days after you take up permanent residence and you wish to leave the village then we will repay your capital sum in full.” (Conditions apply)

    *Terms and conditions apply.

    Detailed terms and conditions relating to our exclusive Ryman Peace of Mind Guarantees can be found in the Residence Agreement for each village

    Resort-style facilities

    We have designed our villages with a little bit of luxury in mind, so it’s not uncommon for residents to tell us they feel like they’re on a cruise ship – and quite rightly so.

    As such, residents have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to our resort-style facilities. From the heated indoor swimming pool and the all-weather bowling green, to pampering sessions at the salon and enjoying a cold one at the bar.

    It’s about finally having the time, and now the facilities, to enjoy the things that you love.



    Beauty therapy

    Beauty therapy

    Billiards Room

    Billiards Room

    Bowling Green

    Bowling Green



    Craft Room

    Craft room

    Dining Room

    Dining room



    Hair Salon

    Hair salon



    Movie Theatre

    Movie theatre

    Recreation Room

    Recreation room

    Reflection Room

    Reflection room

    Scooter Bay

    Scooter bay





    Spa Pool

    Spa pool

    Swimming Pool

    Swimming pool



    Village Centre

    Village centre

    Residents Workshop

    Residents Workshop

    Engage: activities and lifestyle programme

    Ryman Engage

    Ryman Engage – our complimentary activities programme – is all about embracing opportunities and activities that have been thoughtfully planned out, are age and ability appropriate and make the most of our beautiful facilities.

    Ryman Engage covers all aspects of wellbeing considered important for quality of life. These include physical activity, social engagement, intellectual stimulation, creativity and embracing each resident’s culture and spirituality.

    As well as scheduled activities such as Triple A exercise classes there are a variety of fun special events that encourage socialisation, creativity and aim to enrich the lives of residents.

    Tailored activities include Men’s Club, a chance for blokes to get together; Musical Moments, a music programme aimed at stimulating memories and reminiscence; Mind Benders, puzzles and quizzes aimed for mental stimulation; and Triple A, a tailored exercise programme aimed at keeping residents as fit and active as possible.

    Participation is optional, so you can be as involved as you like. It’s all here and more, the only difficulty is choosing what to do.

    Award-winning Triple A exercise programme


    Designed specifically for older people, the complimentary Ryman Triple A exercise programme was introduced to enhance and promote quality of life and wellbeing for our residents.

    Catering for all ability levels, the aim of the programme is to improve strength, flexibility, balance and agility - helping to prevent falls and facilitating greater independence for longer.

    Triple A founder Nicki Brown developed the programme around the belief, "you are never too old to participate in exercise – you’ve just got to choose the right way to do it." Therefore, the level of participation is up to the individual, you can be as involved as you want to be.

    The social aspect is also a large advantage, where residents come together with a sense of purpose and more often than not, having a good laugh and getting to know each other better in the process.


    A fresh and delicious approach to food

    In 2017, we launched our Ryman Delicious menus. Our aim was to shake up our approach to food and how it is delivered. To achieve this, we literally went back to the drawing board to survey what our residents’ preferences were.

    In listening to our residents, we could capture the essence of what is really important to them. Cravings for old favourites are satisfied by providing the comfort of the classics, but we keep it ‘fresh’ with innovative choices. Think roast chicken alongside slow-cooked pork and coconut curry.

    Fresh is the name of the game – meals prepared on-site using fresh seasonal produce. The aim of Ryman Delicious is to create meals with an abundance of flavour and presentation that is a feast for the eyes. Not to mention we offer a choice of three meals at lunchtime, which includes a vegetarian option.

    For many of our residents, coming together for a meal is a highlight. At Ryman, we aim to provide an experience to remember and an opportunity to connect.

    Check out the deliciousness for yourself in our extensive Delicious menus.

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