Grocery shopping made safe and simple

New services for independent apartment residents

We want to offer our residents as many options as possible to keep you in the safe haven of the village. Below are different solutions to keep your cupboards and fridges stocked with the essentials, now that visiting your local supermarket is off the cards for a while.

All orders will be dropped to your door by one of our friendly village team. To keep everyone safe we don’t want delivery staff going in and out of every home.

Order form shopping

You will have received your order form for online shopping. Replacement forms will be provided each week with your morning/afternoon tea goodie bag. If you need a replacement order form, please contact your reception team and they will arrange for one to be delivered to you.

If you choose to use the paper order/delivery option, please ensure your completed order form is placed in one of the food order boxes by Sunday and/or Tuesday afternoons at 2pm.

You will receive a notice from your village team advising you of where the order form drop-off boxes are located in your village. Please ensure you maintain 2m social distance and strict hand hygiene whenever you move around the village for this purpose. 

Bidfood & Fruit Talk

You have been supplied order forms. You can also download and print out forms from this page.

Between our suppliers Bidfood and Fruit Talk, we are able to offer a range of essential food items, both fresh and non-perishable.

They will be delivering fresh fruit and vegetables to the village twice a week on a Wednesday and Friday.

  • Orders placed before 12pm on a Monday will be delivered on a Wednesday. The first Wednesday deliveries will be on 1st April.
  • Orders placed before 12pm on a Wednesday will be delivered on a Friday. The first Friday deliveries will be on 3rd April.

Grocery items from Bidfood will be delivered weekly. Orders must be posted on Sunday by 4pm for delivery the following Thursday.

We understand that the Bidfood shopping list is not as comprehensive as if you were going to the supermarket.

You will also see that some of the product sizes are larger than what you may usually buy. Bidfood usually only supplies to businesses, but in these unusual times, they have diversified their offering for Ryman residents and they are trying to offer you as many of your staple items as possible. Items may change, but we will continue to offer additional, or more suitable products, as they become available.

We are also working hard to source some options for pre-prepared meals and will let you know as soon as we have some options available.

You will be invoiced for your shopping in addition to your normal monthly fees (which will continue to be processed in the normal way). Ryman will cover the Bidfood delivery costs for one order per week for each unit.


You have been supplied an order form. You can also download and print out forms from this page.

Pepperleaf is a Melbourne based meal kit supplier that guarantees the freshest of foods. They offer a selection of seasonal, sustainable meal kits and recipes. We have a paper-based order process available if you would like to purchase these meal kits.

First orders will need to be placed by Tuesday, 31st March, for a first delivery the following Monday, 6th April.

You can continue to place weekly orders thereafter, or as required. Please ensure your order form is completed by Monday afternoons at 2pm.

Online Shopping - Pepperleaf
A wider selection of the meal kits offered in our paper ordering process are available if you order online.

PepperLeaf Online:

Family deliveries

We welcome deliveries from your family or friends to our village gate. Please be assured that if they drop any grocery or other items to us, we will ensure one of our team delivers it to you as soon as possible. We have a number of our team members who will be readily available to assist with deliveries to our residents. 

Please ensure that all deliveries are clearly marked with your name and apartment number.

Urgent support

If you need any urgent supplies or support, please phone 1800 922 988 or email us

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