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The measure of retirement living

What is the measure of a full life?

At Ryman, we believe a full life is one that gets richer with age. It’s rediscovering lost passions and plunging headfirst into new ones. It’s embracing new experiences right there on your doorstep. That’s why we’re creating communities that challenge the expectations of ageing, while bringing joy and meaning to every moment.


Choose your lifestyle

Retirement is a chapter in life filled with possibilities. At Ryman villages, we aim to help you make that chapter the best it can be. That’s why our villages offer living options to suit everyone, so you can choose the lifestyle that suits you best. 

Independent living

Independent living provides the best of both worlds – the freedom to come and go as you please complemented by the security and companionship of the village community. 

Assisted living apartments

Assisted-living apartments come with support, like housekeeping and a chef-prepared meal every day. It’s great for you, and reassuring for your family.

Comprehensive care

Care is built into the fabric of Ryman villages from the very first design concepts. So, if your health needs change over time, we can continue looking after you.



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Your Ryman Guide

Explore the living and care options available at a Ryman village, where the measure of a full life is one that only gets richer with age.


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Taking the first steps in finding your retirement lifestyle is an exciting time, we’re eager to tell you more.

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Investor Centre

Our business model centres around care, enabling us to make profound improvements to the quality of life of older people.

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Ryman careers

At Ryman, the measure of a full life is one that gets richer with age. This sentiment is shared by everyone who works here.

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