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Frequently Asked Questions


We've compiled a list of the questions that are most commonly asked by people considering a move to a Ryman village. If you have further questions or you'd simply like to talk through the options available, please contact us we'd love to hear from you. 


"It’s definitely very prudent to do it while you’re active, vibrant, able and to get in there and be able to dance and boogie and enjoy all of those fabulous things. It’s so much fun."

- Helen McGill, Ryman resident

Wondering what the difference is between retirement villages and aged care homes? We explore the advantages of retirement villages so you can be sure you’re selecting the right option.

Discover how Ryman’s retirement villages work here.

From tax implications to understanding fees - we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to making the transition to retirement as smooth as possible. 

Ryman villages offer a range of living and aged-care options. These include independent living in apartments and villas, assisted living in serviced apartments, low care, high care, and specialist dementia care - all within the same village community. 

Learn more about Ryman living and aged-care options

Our villages are designed for residents aged 65 and over.

Yes, apartments have basement parking available to buy, and villas have garages attached.

Yes, as long as the village manager approves your pet as being suitable for the village.

Yes, we have weekly inter-denominational church services at our villages.

Our village services include a hairdressing service, a visiting podiatrist, physiotherapist, beauty therapist, and dry-cleaning service available at your own cost.

Yes, for short periods of time.* As a courtesy, we ask that you consult with the village manager first.

*Please click here for the latest Covid-19 guidelines. 

You’re always welcome to raise any concerns directly with any team member, including the village manager. Alternatively, Ryman villages have a formal complaints procedure and a resident advocate. We hold regular meetings with residents to discuss any concerns.


"I’ve got to say the care that my husband has had all the way through has been absolutely marvellous. The girls that look after him, they’re angels, they really are."

- Margaret McDermott, Ryman resident

There are no set visiting hours.* This is your home, so visitors are welcome any time. The amenities are available for you to enjoy with your friends and family. We simply ask that you respect the privacy of other residents.

*Please click here for the latest Covid-19 guidelines

As well as independent living, Ryman villages also offer assisted living in a serviced apartment, residential aged care (low care and high care) and specialist dementia care. This is all available within the same village community, so you can still be near your partner or friends even if your health needs are different. Should an immediate space be unavailable, we will do our very best to accommodate you at another Ryman village until a space becomes available at your preferred village. 

Learn more about our living and care options.

Yes, residents will enjoy priority access over non-Ryman residents at the time of transfer to assisted living apartments, residential agreed care (low care and high care), and specialist dementia care. Should a space be unavailable at the time of your transfer, we will do our best to accommodate you at another Ryman village that provides the level of care you need until a space becomes available at your preferred village that provides that same level of care.

Many of us will be unsure about where to begin when the time comes where aged care is needed. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to provide you with a simple guideline. From assessing your aged-care needs and costs to moving into a Ryman aged-care centre, we’ve got everything covered.

Typically, the aged-care centre opens within a year of the first residents moving in. You can contact the village manager for more information.

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Prices vary throughout each village, so we recommend that you ask for the prices of apartments or villas that are currently available in your preferred village. The residence contract provides you with a lease for up to 49 years and access to community amenities.

Often referred to as a departure fee or exit fee, the deferred management fee is an amount that becomes payable when you permanently vacate your unit.

The deferred management fee gives you the right to occupy your unit and enjoy the village amenities. It is calculated as a percentage of your loan amount (entry payment) that you pay when you move into your unit.

At Ryman villages, the deferred management fee is capped at 20% - one of the lowest in the retirement sector. 

We pay for the building insurance, as well as the general rates and water rates. You are responsible for insuring your contents and personal effects.

We’re happy to say that in over 35 years this has rarely happened. However, if you change your mind after moving in, we will honour our 90-day money-back guarantee.*

*Some conditions apply


"We’ve just had a cocktail party and a roast dinner night. How do you choose what’s your favourite? There’s always something happening."

- Rosemary Brownie, Ryman resident

Triple A (Ageless, Active, Aware) is Ryman’s bespoke exercise program that is available to all Ryman residents. The program improves strength, flexibility, balance, and agility through classes such as functional fitness, circuit and, if you’re less mobile, a ‘sit and be fit’ class.

In addition to Triple A, you can also take advantage of various village amenities such as the heated swimming pool, gym and bowling green. 

Our Engage activities program creates social opportunities and fun activities for you to take part in. From musical entertainment and a variety of outings to arts and crafts, the village workshop and our weekly Happy hour, there’s something for everyone.

Absolutely. We maintain strong links with our surrounding communities because we want you to continue being involved in the activities and clubs you’ve always enjoyed. Therefore, we support bowls clubs and various sports clubs and groups in our local communities.

You can be as involved in activities and events as much or as little as you like. It’s entirely up to you.


Ryman residents look forward to mealtimes because the food tastes great – and it’s nutritious. Our Delicious menu is prepared fresh on site by village chefs, with a choice of three main courses, including a vegetarian option. Aged-care residents are fully catered for, and assisted-living residents enjoy a main meal and morning and afternoon tea every day. Independent residents can book a meal at their village any time.

Absolutely! Our Delicious frozen meals are a great option if you’ve had a busy day or if you’d simply like a night off cooking. These individually frozen meals are made from scratch using fresh, natural ingredients and can be purchased from your village reception, shop or café.

Our village vans schedule regular outings to the shops and further afield. Plus, we are introducing Ryman eCabs to our villages. You can book this service and feel safe in the knowledge that you’ll be driven to appointments or outings by our dedicated driver. This is an ideal service if you’d rather avoid driving in peak traffic or parking in city centres.