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How do retirement villages work in Australia


Retirement villages are residential communities designed for those who are generally retired or semi-retired. In Australia, retirement villages operate under state-specific legislation and regulations, but the basic framework is similar across the country.

What is a Retirement Village?

These communities offer a range of accommodation options, services, and facilities tailored to the needs of individuals. They provide a supportive and active living environment that allows residents to maintain their independence while enjoying a sense of community and access to various amenities.

Ryman is an industry leader

Ryman has been a leader in the retirement living sector for almost 40 years, winning awards and delivering outstanding service across almost 50 villages across Australia and New Zealand.

Benefits of Retirement Living


Retirement villages foster a strong sense of community. Residents often share similar life stages and interests, making it easier to form friendships and social connections.

Onsite Facilities 

Many retirement villages feature onsite amenities such as fitness centres, swimming pools, libraries, and communal spaces for gatherings and activities.

Care Options 

Ryman villages offer a range of care options, from independent living to various levels of assisted living.

Retirement Village VS. Aged Care. The difference

Levels of Care

Retirement villages primarily focus on independent living and may also offer support services and care. Aged care homes, on the other hand, provide higher levels of care only, including assistance with daily activities and medical services.


Retirement village costs often involve purchasing a Residence and Management Contract (RMC), which grants the right to live in the unit but does not transfer ownership. Aged care homes typically charge ongoing accommodation fees, which can be subsidized by the government.

Living Arrangements

Retirement villages offer a variety of accommodation types, including apartments, villas, and serviced units. Aged care homes usually provide single rooms with ensuites.

Choosing the Right Option

The choice between retirement living and aged care should be based on an individual's current and anticipated future needs, personal preferences, and financial considerations. Some people may also transition from retirement village living to aged care when their care needs change.

How Does a Retirement Village Work in Australia?


Wondering how retirement villages work? It varies depending on the specific village and its management. However typically it includes the following components:

Living Options

Residents can choose from various accommodation options, including independent living units, serviced apartments, and care suites. The type of accommodation and associated costs vary.


Residents pay an upfront fee for the right to occupy their chosen unit, which is partially refundable upon departure. They also pay ongoing service fees to cover maintenance and communal facilities.


Retirement villages provide services like maintenance, gardening, and security. Some also offer optional care services, like personal care and housekeeping, tailored to individual needs.

Legal Obligations

Residents and operators enter into a legal agreement known as a Residence and Management Contract (RMC), which outlines the terms and conditions of residency. These agreements are governed by state-specific laws.

The Ryman Difference


Ryman Healthcare is a leading provider of retirement living and aged care in Australia. We offer several unique advantages:

Certainty About Living Costs:

Ryman residents enjoy transparency in costs, with no hidden fees. The deferred management fee is capped, providing financial peace of mind.

Variety of Care Options:

Ryman provides a continuum of care, from independent living to specialist dementia care, ensuring residents can age in place comfortably.


Ryman promotes a vibrant community atmosphere.


Ryman embraces innovative technologies like eCabs for transportation and the myRyman Care app for personalized care.



Ryman offers a range of living options to suit your needs, including: 

Financial Commitments at Ryman Retirement Villages


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Residence and Management Contracts

When you move into a Ryman retirement village, you don't buy the property outright; instead, you purchase a Residence and Management Contract (RMC). This gives you the right to live in a specific apartment, villa, or unit within the village. The cost of this contract varies depending on factors such as the size and location of the accommodation. It's important to understand that this cost is a one-time upfront payment and does not constitute ownership of the property. You are essentially securing the right to occupy the unit for the duration of your residency.

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Deferred Management Fee

In addition to the Residence and Management Contract (RMC), residents pay a deferred management fee (DMF). The DMF is designed to cover the ongoing costs of maintaining and running the retirement village. It is calculated as a percentage of the RMC and is payable when you leave the village. The DMF is typically deducted from the refundable portion of the RMC when you vacate the unit. The percentage can vary but is often capped, providing residents with financial predictability and peace of mind.

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Insurance and Rates:

We pay for the building insurance, as well as the general rates and water rates. You are responsible for insuring your contents and personal effects.
We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, which means that if you're not satisfied with your decision to move into a Ryman village within the first 90 days, you can receive a full refund of your RMC, and have any DMF costs reversed. This guarantee offers peace of mind for prospective residents, allowing them to make an informed choice about their retirement living.

Activities, Entertainment, and Hospitality at Ryman Villages


Ryman residents enjoy an active lifestyle with a wealth of activities through programs:

Triple A

Designed for older people to encourage them to keep moving. Catering for all ability levels, residents often find that they are more active since they moved into the village. The program improves strength, balance, and mobility, helping to prevent falls and maintain independence.

Ryman Engage

Ryman's complimentary activities program is about embracing opportunities and activities that are thoughtfully planned, age and ability appropriate, and make the most of our beautiful facilities. Residents can join in the many activities on offer, from group bus trips to exhibitions, interest groups, and complimentary Happy Hours with entertainers.

Food Options

Ryman villages offer plentiful food options, with meals prepared by village chefs for Serviced Apartment Residents and Care residents daily, including delicious frozen meals prepared in-house. Fine dining options are also available for special occasions.

Choose Ryman for Your Retirement Destination


Retirement villages provide a fulfilling living experience for retirees, emphasizing community, independence, and access to various amenities. Ryman Healthcare, as a leading provider in Australia and New Zealand, offers unique advantages, including cost transparency and innovative care solutions. If you're considering retirement living, explore Ryman's diverse living options and vibrant communities to find your ideal retirement destination. Contact us today to find the right living option for you and schedule a visit to one of our villages.



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