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Personal alarm for the elderly

Written by Ryman Healthcare
on May 21, 2024

The importance of personal alarms for older people 

As we age, maintaining independence while ensuring safety becomes increasingly important. Personal alarms can play a crucial role in providing peace of mind to both the elderly and their loved ones. These devices offer immediate assistance in case of emergencies, helping older people maintain their independence while providing direct access to help should they need it.

Types of personal alarms

There are several types of personal alarms tailored to the specific needs of older people:

Medical Alarms: These alarms allow people to call for help in medical emergencies, such as heart attacks or strokes, with the press of a button.

Fall Alarms: These automatically trigger an alarm if a fall is detected, ensuring fast assistance in the event of an injury.

Emergency Alarms: These alarms provide a quick and easy way for older people to call for help in various emergency situations, such as a break-in or fire. 

What is the best personal alarm?


A personal alarm is a small, wearable device that can be used in an emergency to call for help quickly. It features a button that can be pressed to activate the alarm. When choosing the best alarm for elderly people, consider features such as battery life, GPS tracking for locating the user in an emergency, fall detection technology, and ease of use, especially for those with limited dexterity or cognitive impairments.

Tunstall personal alarms are highly regarded and offer a range of features, including 4G connection for when you’re out and about, and advanced fall detection: https://www.tunstallhealthcare.com.au/tunstall-gem4

LiveLife offer a medical alarm for elderly people that also includes these important features: 4G Mobile Personal Medical Alarm Pendant | Live Life Alarms 

What is the best emergency alarm?

Emergency alarms provide access to emergency services at the click of a button and are essential for helping elderly people feel safe in their homes.  

These can be located throughout the home and provide a direct line to emergency services in the event of home or medical emergencies. 

MePacs are a great option for home emergency alarms for elderly people:


It's important to consider legal and regulatory requirements when selecting an alarm, ensuring compliance with Australian standards for medical and emergency devices.

What is the personal alarm for people with dementia?

Elderly individuals with dementia have unique safety needs, requiring alarms that offer additional support and monitoring. Look for features such as location tracking and simplified operation to cater to the specific challenges faced by dementia. Recommendations for the best devices are tailored to address these specific needs.

SafeLife make excellent medical alarms for elderly people, including a watch alarm that tracks users through GPS and 4G data: https://safelife.com.au/product/4g-personal-watch-alarm/

Can you get a personal alarm through My Aged Care?


My Aged Care is a free service that helps older people and their carers to navigate the aged care system. My Aged Care has a website and a telephone contact centre. Together they provide information, support and advice about aged care services and how to access them.

The My Aged Care system in Australia offers support for alarms for seniors. This is called the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and allows qualifying individuals to apply for subsidies or financial assistance to purchase alarms.

The CHSP is the most accessible government funded scheme available when it comes to paying for your wearable alarm. The scheme will also help with repairing and replacing your alarm.

You can apply through the My Aged Care website: https://www.myagedcare.gov.au/assessment/how-apply-assessment

Enjoy retirement living with Ryman Healthcare

Choosing the right personal alarm is crucial for maintaining independence and safety in retirement. In this stage of life, it’s still extremely important for seniors and their families to consult with healthcare providers and experts when selecting an alarm to ensure it meets their unique needs.

At Ryman, our retirement villages prioritise the safety and well-being of residents, offering support and amenities to facilitate a safe and fulfilling retirement lifestyle.

Contact us to learn more about how our retirement villages can support your loved ones in enjoying a safe and comfortable retirement.


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