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Styling Your Home for Sale

December 22, 2021


Property stylist Rebeka shares her go-to tips and tricks.


People selling their home call Rebeka when they need a hand. Some know that their house needs to be re-styled to appeal to the housing market. Others are too emotionally involved to make changes to their beloved décor. As Rebeka explains, some people have lived in their home for decades and while it’s comfortable for them and suits their tastes, that doesn’t mean that their home styling will appeal to a broad market of buyers. Rebeka styles each home in a way that ensures most buyers will find it visually appealing. She says that buyers often fall in love with the lifestyle her homes present. And if it’s not their cup of tea, she styles the home in a way that allows buyers to envisage their own lifestyle in the space.


Rebeka doesn’t always start with a blank canvas. Often, she will enter a home that has plenty of personality that suit its owners, but that may be polarising to a broader buyer market. In these situations, she makes suggestions like changing curtain fabrics, or removing the curtains altogether. Most of the houses Rebeka styles are already vacant. Which means she’s left with a blank canvas, ready to be styled. It’s important to Rebeka that all houses are treated equally. A million-dollar new build and 2-bed ex-rental both receive the same treatment and are styled with the same items. Rebeka only adjusts her styling to suit the location or style of the home. Modern new builds receive sharper lines and black accents while beach settings are styled with soft tones, shell décor, and beach-themed artwork.


If you’re keen to style your own home – either for sale or to enjoy yourself – follow Rebeka’s tips below. They’re a great starting point for any novice property stylist.


Rebeka’s Tips and Tricks


Use natural or faux greenery to add colour and give life to any space.

A great trick for making a space feel alive and welcoming, greenery can soften stark spaces and brighten dull corners. It can also be used to make a space feel larger or smaller. A tall indoor plant that scrapes the ceiling can make a cavernous space feel more intimate. In contrast, a cleverly positioned low potted plant can make a tight space feel more spacious.


Scented candles and scent diffusers create ambience.

It’s important to treat all the senses as buyers walk through your home. Especially in rooms that aren’t used regularly and bathrooms and kitchens. No matter what your house currently smells like, scented candles and scent diffusers can only add value! Try a fresh baking scent for the kitchen, calming lavender for bedrooms, and fresh scents like pine or rainforest for bathrooms and laundries.


Declutter your personal items because less is more.

When styling your home for sale, pack away your personal items. The bits and pieces we love often don’t mean as much to strangers, so it’s best to hide them away for open homes and buyer viewings. Removing the clutter around your home lets buyers envisage their own possessions in your space. It also provides you with a blank canvas for home styling that will appeal to a broad range of buyers.


Stick to a neutral base palette with pops of colour and texture.

A neutral base palette begins with your furnishings and furniture. Curtains, rugs, seating, tables. Make sure these elements have a neutral palette. Build on this neutral base with careful pops of colour and texture. Items like cushions and throws are perfect for this. They’re inexpensive and come in a wide range of shades. Select a primary colour and a few complementary shades to play supporting roles.


Set the scene by adding little details.

It’s time for the finishing touches. Add items like a tray of sparkling water and decorative glasses for your outside table. Or matching front door pot plants to formalise your entry. Handmade soaps and wooden toothbrushes are other clever ways to make a home feel lived in without the usual clutter of day-to-day life. A bunch of flowers here and there can also help make a home feel lived in while still carefully styled.


Create a wow factor in your bedrooms.

When presenting a house, you’re presenting a lifestyle. Creating a bedroom oasis gives prospective buyers a lifestyle they can quickly fall in love with. Plush duvet inners and feather cushion inserts will help give your bedding volume. And removing heavy pieces of furniture will help the room feel spacious. If a bedroom is large, it might suit a dressing table. Or a rug with a chair and lamp to create a private reading nook.


Add visual interest to your living rooms.

While it’s important to declutter and create space in your home for buyers, living rooms present the opportunity for visual interest. You could layer beautiful coffee table books which will encourage buyers to view the space as both relaxing and ready for entertaining. A candle will help create ambience. And a refined selection of art that doesn’t detract from any views on offer will help decorate your home without adding clutter.


Special thanks to Rebeka from In-House Style.

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