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Respite care provides temporary care in a range of circumstances. You may need some rehabilitation after a hospital stay, or perhaps a little extra help – whether it’s for a single night or a few weeks.

If you still live in your own home, a short stay at one of our care centres could be a welcome break from your usual routine.

Respite care is often fully funded, therefore it's worth taking advantage of the welcome break that a stay in one of our villages can provide.

And if you’re thinking about making a permanent move to a Ryman village, why not spend some time with us in respite care? This way you can experience the Ryman difference before you make your decision.

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Delicious meals

Our residents look forward to meal times because the food tastes great – and it’s nutritious. Our seasonal Delicious menu offers three choices at every meal, including a vegetarian dish.

Delicious provides good old-fashioned, home-cooked meals, as well as some exotic dishes, all made by our in-house village chefs.

We will provide all your meals and snacks. We can cater for your special dietary requirements as well. Talk to us about what you need.

Your relatives and friends are welcome to join you for a meal any time. Vouchers are available to purchase from reception or the café.


Innovation in healthcare - myRyman

At Ryman, our care plans come to life through our own electronic care app, myRyman. The app engages residents and their families in the care plan. Located in every care room, a device enables nurses and carers to view the care plan and record daily care tasks for each resident.

This award-winning technology creates links and prompts, so our nurses and carers know exactly what they need to do. Everything is securely recorded. Our teams can now access and update clinical data more efficiently and spend more time with residents.

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