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Show you care with a Yuri bear

Let the children of Ukraine know they’re in our hearts and minds by putting some time and love into knitting a Yuri Bear.

Following the devastating events in the Ukraine, thousands of children have been evacuated to other countries, or have found themselves displaced or stranded at the Ukrainian-Polish border.

Many children have had to evacuate without their parents, with little or no time to pack their belongings. Being so far away it’s difficult to know how to help, but even the smallest gestures can make a huge difference. The Yuri bear initiative is our way of sending a symbol of love from afar to the Ukrainian children – we’d love your help to bring this to life.

We’ll provide you with a simple teddy bear pattern, instructions and some creative suggestions. So, even if you’re a novice knitter it will be very easy to craft.

We've set ourselves a target to create 20,000 Yuri Bears. Therefore, even if you don't knit, you'll likely know someone who does. So, please help to donate at least one bear from you, a family member, or a friend. This way, we can bring smiles to the faces of as many Ukrainian children as we can. 

Download Pattern & Instructions

Yuri Bear Deborah

A cause close to my heart

Debra Richardson, Victorian Sales and Community Relations Manager

I can personally relate to the impact the war is having as my foster son Yuri currently lives in Ukraine. He has made the decision to stay and fight for his country and has evacuated his family to safety. The Yuri bear initiative emerged from our discussions about what we could do to provide support from Australia and New Zealand. When I first shared the idea with Yuri, this was his reply:

“So many miles between us, but I feel the love and support of my Australian mommy Debra, because we are close in minds!

Ukraine is stronger with your help, empathy, love.

A million thanks to the millions of people who care. You are Great! Xx”

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