Updates from the Ryman community

21 Dec 2021
News | 3 min read

Ryman lauded for 'ahead of the curve' covid response

  Ryman Healthcare has racked up another accolade for its award-winnin...

20 Dec 2021
Nellie Melba | 3 min read

'Come straight away'

When Bob and Joan Pratt moved into a beautiful light-filled apartment ...

10 Dec 2021
News | 4 min read

Ryman's COVID-19 leadership wins national award

Ryman Healthcare's Victorian Operations Quality Manager Joanne Wang ha...

29 Nov 2021
Burwood East | 2 min read

Teamwork builds a winning site

John Flynn construction site project manager Iain Jagger knows better ...

15 Nov 2021
News | 3 min read

Remembering Jack Chalker's heroism

On the 11th day of the 11th month Ryman audiences honoured those who m...

12 Nov 2021
News | 3 min read

Ita's audience with Ryman

Australian media veteran Ita Butrrose offered everything from sage hea...

09 Nov 2021
Nellie Melba | 2 min read

Ryman's Nurse of the Year

When Ellora Santos was named ‘Nurse of the Year’ at the 2021 Ryman Awa...

09 Nov 2021
Ocean Grove | 3 min read

Janine's winning streak

When Janine Wilde was named Ryman Healthcare’s ‘Sales Advisor of the Y...

04 Nov 2021
News | 3 min read

Ryman VIPs enjoy Melbourne's finest

An exclusive Ryman Healthcare event brought an evening of opulence and...