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Jody's kindness a winning formula

Written by Margot Taylor
on July 30, 2020

When Jody Keating-Gorton missed out on a job because she was “too kind” for the industry, she realised she had to work for a company that cared about people as much as she did.

So, when the bubbly Charles Brownlow Retirement Village sales advisor started working for Ryman Healthcare at the start of 2019 she knew she had found her match.

“One of the things I love about Ryman is the work embraces my kind nature,” she said.


“I was once told by another industry I was ‘too kind’ for the job and in previous roles I have worked in sales because of my big personality, but I never felt I was great at it because I am more focused on being kind and conscientious than doing a hard sell.”

Jody’s exuberant approach to her role and her drive to achieve the best outcomes for future residents has caught the attention of her colleagues and residents alike.

Future Charles Brownlow resident Barb Simpfendorfer said Jody’s support had been invaluable.

“I love her to bits because she has been so helpful every step of the way,” Barb said.

Jody was one of just three finalists in the ‘Sales Advisor of the Year’ category at the 2020 Ryman Awards.

“When I heard I just thought 'oh my gosh I’ve been noticed by New Zealand',” she said.

“I think there is a certain type of person that works for Ryman.

“We all work so hard, we all go above and beyond, and it’s because we love what we do, and we love the company.”



As well as celebrating her own achievement, Jody was equally excited to congratulate the recipient of the ‘Caregiver of the Year Award’.

“For us in the sales process, that continuum of care is huge, and then on top of that to have the level of care offered, with the kindness underlying it, and the respect.

“I’d love to acknowledge the caregivers because their job is just so important and I know that from both a selling point of view, and personally, it is just such a crucial role.”

That she was nominated for the award came down to the “perfect set of circumstances”, Jody said.

“I would just say to all the other sales advisors I think I had the perfect set of circumstances to showcase what we all do every day.

“Every single one of us, we all do what I’ve done, and this is my lucky year having the new village and the perfect circumstances to get that notice.

“We are an amazing team.”

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