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Move to create more time for life

Written by Margot Taylor
on June 02, 2020

June and Tony Minchin say they know moving from their home of 27 years to a villa at Ryman Healthcare’s new Highton retirement village will mark an exciting new chapter in their lives.

But, the Highton couple believe the move will do something even more important.

“I think it will extend our lives, that’s what I think,” June said.


June and Tony will move a short distance down the road, swapping the home they’ve loved, but also where much of their time and money is spent on maintenance, for a beautiful two-bedroom villa.

“Moving out of the house will be an opportunity to gain more time to explore new activities,” Tony said.

 “And June would like us to do more things together.”

Since the couple both retired from the education sector - Tony as a principal and June as a prep teacher - life has not slowed down.

With Tony cycling up to 100km a week, June’s passion for gardening, both sharing an enjoyment for reading and bird watching, and three children and grandchildren, the Minchins are busy.

And they want to remain that way.

Now is the time to do more of what they enjoy, they said.

With a desire to be involved in a future community garden at the village, June is pragmatic about leaving her backyard behind.

“I love the garden, but now that I’m older and I’ve got some arthritis, as we all get, I can’t do nearly as much.”

Their villa will also be just around the corner from their daughter Caroline, who is affectionately known as Poppy.

June said Poppy was two when, while the family were living in northern Victoria, she caught Murray Valley encephalitis virus after being bitten by a mosquito.

Now 48-years-old, Poppy lives in assisted living neighbouring the village.

As for the move itself, Tony and June are appreciative they are doing it together.

“Everyone has to do it at one time or another, and aren’t we lucky because so many people go into a retirement village after they have lost their life partner,” June said.

Now all that is left to do is meet other residents.

“We are really looking forward to getting to know more people.

“I really think having a community around you is a great thing,” June said.

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