Weary Dunlop

Engage in a lively and social retirement

Keeping our minds and bodies active can help with maintaining independence in old age.

Healthy lifestyle choices such as staying physically active, eating well, socialising and being intellectually stimulated can help reduce the risk of chronic disease, prevent falls and increase overall wellbeing.

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Feeling the love of a community that cares

For Helen, Weary Dunlop is the Goldilocks of retirement villages: big enough to have everything she needs but small enough to retain a close, caring village community.

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Joan's drive for life cruises past a massive milestone

Joan is like a lot of retirees.

She lives independently in her own apartment, drives to the shops a couple times a week to pick up supplies, has someone pop in once a fortnight to help with a bit of cleaning, and keeps up an active social network of friends, family and neighbours.

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Bev's new life unleashed at Weary Dunlop

She’s known all around the village as “the lady with the little white dog”.

As Bev and her six-year-old Maltese bichon frise, Lilly, go for their daily walk around Weary Dunlop retirement village’s perfectly-manicured gardens, it’s as much a social exercise as a physical one.

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Residents raise thousands for drought-affected farmers

Residents at Weary Dunlop retirement village have raised more than $2300 to help Australian farmers battling one of the worst droughts in a generation.

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A wild west party four years in the making

It was more mild than wild but the West came to Weary Dunlop retirement village as residents and staff celebrated its fourth birthday in August.

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After a painful loss, Charles is blossoming again

When Charles's wife of 60 years, Maisie, died, he was lost.

Untethered from his soul mate, his children, Ian and Janet, were worried he would shut himself away in the family home in Bentleigh and withdraw from the world. They wanted him close to them. He had lost the love of his life, but they didn’t want him to lose his love for life.

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Triple-A classes a moving experience

You only have to look at the smiles to see that Triple-A exercise classes are about more than just physical health and wellbeing.

Ryman’s activities and lifestyle coordinator Chelsea Richdale saw that for herself when she joined Weary Dunlop residents as they took part in their regular Triple-A program recently.

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Raising funds for farmers no trivial pursuit


Residents at Ryman Healthcare’s Weary Dunlop retirement village in Melbourne have put their hand up to help Australian farmers battling one of the worst droughts in a generation.

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Downsize your home, upsize your lifestyle

Marcia and Brian’s home is now smaller, but they say their lifestyle is bigger and busier.

Since selling the family home and moving to a modern, independent apartment at
Weary Dunlop Retirement Village a year ago, they are loving a lifestyle they could scarcely imagine before they made the move.

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