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Zoos Victoria

April 24, 2020

While we’re hibernating over winter, life inside the zoo carries on. The giraffes are still feeding, and the koalas are still snuggling.

Zoos Victoria

The great news for us at home is that all of this can be enjoyed online! Zoos Victoria is bringing the wildlife to you via 24/7 livestreams of the most popular residents at Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary and Werribee Open Range Zoo. Pour a cuppa and get comfy on the couch for an afternoon of cheeky antics by the furriest of friends and behind the scenes animal care. The cameras are high definition making it feel as if you’re right there watching the animals play, eat, and sleep.

To catch all the action, tune into the Animals at Home page on the Zoos Victoria website https://www.zoo.org.au/animals-at-home/.

If you’re feeling a bit cooped up, these zoo livestreams might be just what you need to lift the spirits. Check in regularly for special animal appearances and interesting animal facts. As you get to know the zoo’s inhabitants, have fun testing whether you can tell them apart by their personalities or appearance. If you’d like to see what you missed, simply click along the red line under the video to rewind and watch an earlier part of the recording. Check back at the designated times to view the animals feeding, and when they wander out of frame don’t worry, just pop by later for another chance to spot them.

Zoos Victoria isn’t the only attraction to offer online access. Aquariums are live-streaming their exhibits, art galleries and museums have opened their virtual doors, and orchestras, theatres, and dance companies are sharing their performances online with the world. Here are some links to get you started.

Georgia Aquarium: https://www.georgiaaquarium.org/webcam/ocean-voyager/

Smithsonian: https://naturalhistory.si.edu/visit/virtual-tour

Sistine Chapel: http://www.museivaticani.va/content/museivaticani/en/collezioni/musei/cappella-sistina/tour-virtuale.html

Louvre: https://www.louvre.fr/en/visites-en-ligne

British Museum: https://britishmuseum.withgoogle.com/

Great Wall of China: https://www.thechinaguide.com/destination/great-wall-of-china

Yellowstone Park: https://www.nps.gov/yell/learn/photosmultimedia/virtualtours.htm

Broadway HD: https://www.broadwayhd.com/

Theatre: https://www.digitaltheatre.com

Photo by Cris Saur on Unsplash

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