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Keep Cosy this Winter with Essential Oils

September 21, 2020

We’ve curated a list of essential oils used for their warming, uplifting effects – perfect for combatting the winter blues. Much like the wave of comfort you feel when you smell fresh baking, the scent of essential oils taps into your brain to alter your mood. Simply add a few drops to an essential oil diffuser, potpourri, or cotton pads.


Similar to the herb from which it is derived, this essential oil smells woodsy and herbaceous with a touch of menthol. Use it’s lively yet calming quality to clear your mind and balance your mood.


Cinnamon bark
The spicy, exotic, intense aroma of this essential oil is reminiscent of heart-warming memories like home baking. Use it to ease stress and enjoy its brightening, uplifting effect on your mood.


Juniper berry
With a bitter yet sweet woodsy aroma, this essential oil is known for its calming, sedative effects. Use it to comfort the mind and body during meditation or any time you’d like a moment of calm.


Use this essential oil’s strong, hot aroma to calm negative feelings like stress, anger, and anxiety. The strength of the aroma can stimulate your mind to increase focus and encourage a positive outlook.


This woodsy, herbal aroma is uplifting and stimulating. Use it to boost your brainpower and ability to focus. Its strong scent is commonly used to encourage feelings of energy, freedom, and boldness.


A rich, exotic fragrance that’s both sweet and spicy, diffusing cardamom essential oil’s woodsy trail scent through your home will ground, fortify, and calm your mind to promote emotional stability.


Black pepper
This dry, musky, peppery scent is used to support general emotional wellness and enhance mental focus and endurance. When diluted, it’s applied to warm the skin and stimulate blood circulation.


Use this essential oil to inspire zeal and fortitude when you’re feeling stagnant. Adept at managing volatile mood fluctuations, its woody, spicy, earthy scent invigorates and focusses the mind.


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