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Fresh seafood platter

September 11, 2021


Healthy and oh so fancy, a seafood platter is a unique take on the ever-popular cheese platter. You can choose fresh seafood or opt for pre-cooked ingredients depending on availability. The most fun part of a seafood platter is the presentation. Seafood offers a wide variety of colours, shapes, flavours, and textures. Use these to your advantage when styling your platter. Perhaps think of your board as a black canvas and you as an artist placing, pairing, and stacking seafood in interesting and playful ways.



- crayfish
- prawns
- soft shell crab
- crab sticks
- oysters, raw or cooked
- smoked salmon
- sashimi

Your base (sauces and dressings)
- garlic aioli
- tartare sauce
- mayonnaise
- butter
- salt and pepper

Bread and crackers
- baguette
- country loaf
- breadsticks
- crackers (thicker than a water or wafer cracker)

- lemon wedges
- lime wedges
- fresh herbs
- crisps (potato chips)
- lettuce

Splash of creativity
- Use dramatic pieces like a crab claw to prop up or even hold other ingredients.

A seafood platter requires a slightly different setup. To keep your seafood fresh and safe to eat, choose an oversized board or a large dish with raised sides then cover or fill it with ice. This is where your seafood will go. Begin with the largest pieces, then stack and prop your remaining pieces from the outside in. A pyramid shape will make it easy for people to access all the seafood items and make for a bold centrepiece.

On a separate platter, begin by pouring your base sauces and dressings into small dishes and arranging these in a cluster. Fan your bread around this cluster to create a base then add crackers and prop up breadsticks to create height. Complete the scene with your fillers until your platter feels full to overflowing.

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