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Benefits of retirement villages

Written by Ryman Healthcare
on April 11, 2024

Benefits of living in a retirement village

"Everything here is just so easy — I get lovely meals each day, the staff are lovely, everything is catered for down to being given a new set of clean towels each day."

— Marlene, on the benefits of assisted living. Marlene lives in Charles Brownlow Retirement Village in Geelong, Victoria.

Moving to a retirement village marks a lifestyle change for many, offering numerous benefits and considerations.

Ryman Healthcare provides all kinds of tailored benefits for residents, whether it’s  freshly-prepared meals for assisted-living residents, or well-maintained gardens for everyone at the village to enjoy. But residents also discover many other advantages to retirement living.

Community support

One of the most significant benefits of retirement villages like those offered by Ryman Healthcare is the strong sense of community they provide.

Residents have opportunities to forge social connections, build friendships and establish support networks. Complimentary wellness activities like exercise classes and lawn bowls further enrich residents' experiences, fostering a vibrant community spirit.DSC_7192-1200x800-5b2df79

Customised care plans and various living options

Ryman Healthcare offers various living options tailored to individual needs, including independent living, assisted living in serviced apartments, and residential aged care. 

Our care services provide personalised care plans that encompass low care, high care, specialist dementia care, and respite.

Residents benefit from spacious private accommodations, the Ryman Care app for streamlined communication, 24/7 monitored call bells, and high staff ratios ensuring attentive care.

Peaceful environment that promotes well-being

Retirement Living provides proven benefits to health and wellbeing.

In a survey conducted by Beyond Blue in 2022, 27% of Australian retirement living residents reported their physical health improved after moving into villages.

Ryman villages are no exception to this — they are meticulously designed to promote residents' well-being, with environments and amenities that prioritise tranquillity and comfort. 

Access to reliable healthcare

On-site medical care and trained staff ensure residents have quick access to healthcare services, contributing to their peace of mind and overall quality of life.1E7A0294-1200x800-5b2df79

Security, safety, and access to supportive services

Residents benefit from 24/7 security and emergency response systems. This includes emergency call bells fitted around the villages and throughout all residences, multiple security checkpoints and security alarms throughout the village.

There are additional supportive services such as maintenance, transportation, and home assistance, ensuring a safe and convenient living environment.

Financial predictability

Ryman living offers financial predictability compared to traditional housing options, with fixed rates and money back guarantees that provide residents with peace of mind regarding their future expenses.

Downsizing and simplification

Managing a smaller living space while enjoying access to larger communal areas fosters a sense of simplicity and community among residents, and allows residents to enjoy the benefits of beautiful gardens and scenery without the maintenance.

Sense of belonging and Reduced sense of isolation

When you move into a Ryman village, you will experience a sense of camaraderie by spending time with people your age who share similar interests.

“I guess the community here is close knit and we all get along really well,” says Glenice Cook, a member of the singing group at Raelene Boyle Retirement Village.

Social activities like singing groups, lawn bowls and fine dining foster a sense of belonging among residents and help reduce loneliness and isolation, a common issue for people as they age.DSCF0384-1200x800-5b2df79

What to consider when moving to a retirement village?

Prospective residents should consider the following factors when contemplating a move to retirement living:

· Location

· Amenities

· Financial planning

· Healthcare services

A checklist of important considerations can help individuals make an informed decision about their future living arrangements and feel more relaxed about taking that next step.

Retirement villages offered by Ryman Healthcare provide myriad benefits, from community support and personalised care to financial predictability and reduced isolation. By prioritising residents' well-being and fostering a sense of belonging, Ryman villages exemplify excellence in retirement living.


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