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Useful Articles

The perks of downsizing

18 Sep 2023
Useful Articles | 3 min read

The perks of downsizing

Could the government's superannuation downsizer incentive benefit you?

01 Sep 2022
Useful Articles | 3 min read

The real cost of retirement villages

There’s a lot to love about moving to a retirement village. And anyone...

02 Jun 2021
Useful Articles | 2 min read

How to prepare your home for sale

Let’s face it, the thought of packing up and moving to a new house can...

31 May 2021
Useful Articles | 3 min read

Questions to ask when choosing a retirement village

When thinking about retirement living options, it’s not always easy to...

15 Apr 2021

What is a Deferred Management Fee?

The deferred management fee is your contribution to the refurbishment ...