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Ryman Healthcare COVID-19 Regional update 3 September

Written by Ryman Healthcare
on September 03, 2021

Resident update  - Friday 3 September 2021

Dear residents and family members,

On Wednesday the Victorian Premier Dan Andrews announced a significant shift in the state’s COVID-19 strategy, which provided more clarity around what the path out of lockdown looks like.

The government has abandoned its goal of driving COVID-19 case numbers down as a means to lifting the lockdown currently in place. It has instead tied the lifting of restrictions to vaccination rates.

When 70 percent of eligible Victorians have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, which is expected to be around September 23, there will be a modest easing of restrictions.

This will likely see the 5km travel limit increased to 10km and the time limit on exercise increased from two hours a day to three hours.

A further easing of COVID-19 restrictions won’t happen until 70 percent of eligible Victorians are fully vaccinated, which is not forecast to happen until late October or early November.

To be clear, that means we will be in some form of lockdown for about another two months.

With many people in the community already struggling after weeks of tough restrictions on movement, this week's announcement would have been difficult to hear.

The positive news from our perspective is that our residents and team members are leading the charge to vaccinate Victoria’s way out of lockdown.

More than 98 percent of our staff and about 95 percent of our residents have received at least one dose of the vaccine, which is an amazing effort.

At the same time, we have introduced rapid antigen testing for authorised visitors and contractors to our villages with care centres.

These tests, which return a result in about 10 mins, provide another layer of protection for our most vulnerable residents at a time when the number of COVID-19 cases in the community will continue to climb.

The road out of lockdown looks longer and steeper than we might have hoped, but at least we can now clearly see it.

We’ve come a long way together since the beginning of last year. Our residents and team members have made all sorts of sacrifices and consistently gone above and beyond to help keep the virus out of our village safe havens.

We have one final push ahead of us, and will be doing everything we can to support our residents and team members as we approach the finish line.

Stay safe,

Paul Sutton
Victorian Operations Manager

COVID-19 symptoms
We know you’ve probably seen this before, but a reminder that the symptoms to watch out for include:
• a cough
• a high temperature (at least 37.5˚C)
• shortness of breath
• a sore throat
• sneezing and runny nose
• temporary loss of smell
• conjunctivitis

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