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Ryman Healthcare COVID-19 update 5 June 2020

Written by Michael Cummings
on June 05, 2020

As the Victorian government’s COVID-19 restrictions continue to be gradually eased, we’re constantly reviewing the safety measures we have in place at Weary Dunlop and Nellie Melba retirement villages.

From Tuesday June 9, we will no longer have check points set up at the main gates to the villages.

All visitors to the care centre or village centre will still be required to sign in and have their temperature checked at reception.

While visitors to independent apartments will no longer have to sign in at reception, independent and serviced apartment residents have been provided with a COVID-19 guide and log book.

We’re asking residents to use this log book to keep track of their visitors so it can be used for contact tracing if we have a COVID-19 case within the village community.

We also strongly encourage all residents and visitors to download the COVIDSafe app to your mobile phone, if you haven’t done so already.

All Victorians have done an outstanding job in helping stop the spread of COVID-19, and residents and staff at our villages have gone above and beyond to keep each other safe.

By staying alert to the risk the virus still poses, and continuing to practise social distancing, we can help ensure the villages remain coronavirus-free.

We hope you have an enjoyable long weekend.

Stay safe,

Paul Sutton

Victorian Operations Manager

For queries contact 1800 288 299 or email residentsupport@rymanhealthcare.com

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